About Us

ezDoc.io is document generating software system based out of Sioux Falls South Dakota. Our vision is to provide quality documents for many use cases at affordable prices – with no long term subscription or contracts.

Why Us?

As business owners ourselves – we understand the challenges that many of you face during your day to day operations. Creating well designed and articulate documents for various operations shouldn’t be on that list. Instead let our software do all the heavy lifting to give you more time to make your business successful.

No long term commitments or subscriptions required. 

If you are like us, there is already more than enough subscriptions on our monthly billing cycle and we certainly don’t want to add to that list.

Pay for the document you need, when you need it and avoid paying another monthly subscription. If you do need something else, we’ll be right here waiting to help out again. 

If a cheap monthly subscription is okay with you, ezDoc offers document hosting to take some extra work off your hands.

Save yourself time and money.

We understand how valuable your time and money is – and we don’t think it should be spent on tedious work like this. Save yourself hours or even days of writing and designing documents and emails to do the work you want to do.

This stuff can be difficult!

Legal documentation can be very difficult to write. If you are not an expert already, it could take days of research and writing to build what you need.

Worse yet, putting all of this into a website or email can also require web development knowledge. Instead you can rely on us to do the research while also providing the tools needed to put your document into action – for both web and email.


We believe that honesty is the key to success in any business venture. Trust that we will never try to deceive you to over sell you. If one of our products doesn’t work for you we offer 100% money back guarantee.

We are constantly improving and upgrading.

Nothing is ever done perfectly the first time around. Therefore we are always looking for ways to improve on all aspects of our business to provide the best service possible.