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Embedding Your Document With An iFrame

Embed Your Document Into Your Site After creating a policy through ezDoc you have a few different options for installation. One of the easiest options is to embed the policy with an iFrame. To do this take the link sent to you in your confirmation email and insert it into the following code snippet. You […]

Document Hosting and Free Plans

ezDoc is proud to introduce our new free services and document hosting. Our new free services will be very much similar to our standard services. The main difference will be less customization options and no downloadable document. Document hosting will provide users with a simple step to directly link their document to the hosted version […]

Data Privacy in 2020

One of the biggest trends related to the internet in the past few years has been data privacy. And with the surge in new laws regarding the topic, the tend will only continue. Here we will take a broad look at data privacy in 2020. Laws In niche fields such as health and law there […]

How To Write a Terms Document

Creating a terms document can be very confusing for somebody without any legal expertise. However writing your own terms document can be simple and easy taking the following steps: Make It Simple Often times many people will think in order to have effective terms they need all these clauses for every imaginable scenario. This however […]

What Makes a Legally Binding Terms Agreement?

Implementing a terms of service on your website is always a good start in the right direction. However many fail to realize just having a terms agreement doesn’t mean anyone actually agreed to it. Forming The Agreement There are many ways to properly form an agreement between a website and end user. There are also […]

How It Works

ezDoc in a web based document generating software system that queries our database of hundreds of legal clauses against your information and preferences to hand craft the perfect policy for your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the ezDoc FAQ – here are some of the most frequently asked question: What do I get with my purchase? All of our document purchases will come with a full HTML version of your document ready to plug directly into your website. This will be included with the receipt of your purchase. How […]

What Makes a Solid Terms Agreement?

If you are building or planning to build a website – it is a good idea to implement a Terms of Service. What is a Terms of Service? A terms of service, terms and conditions, terms of use, etc; are all agreement policies between users and the website. These agreements, if implemented properly, are legally […]

Cookies and Data Privacy

Many people have heard the term “Internet Cookie” or “Http Cookie” before but not many really know what they are. This article will explain what cookies are and their relationship to data privacy. What a Cookie Is Not A common misconception is that a cookie is harmful – much like a virus. However, this is […]

Policy Modifications

Let’s face it, at some point your policies are going to change. How you handle those changes however is very important to maintain good standing with your users – and avoiding legal troubles. Furthermore, you may already have a policy modification clause in your terms similar to Google’s or ezDoc’s terms of service. This means […]