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To begin creating your Terms of Service document start by filling out the form. Reference this helper for more information on how your information curates your document! Enter your first and last name. The nation in which your business resides - such as the United States, United Kingdom, etc. The zip code/postal code of your business or personal address. Your business or office phone number. This will not be displayed on your document unless specified. Enter the website URL of your business or blog with http:// or https:// if relevant.

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Enter the address of your business. If you do not have a physical business location enter your billing address. This address will not be present on your document unless you express otherwise. To finish the please enter your payment information and submit. Please ensure all information in the form is correct. Your document will begin downloading after payment and a copy will be emailed to you as well! This is where your document and receipt will be emailed to. This is a URL to the contact page on your website - such as: https://ezdoc.io/contact Select this if users are able to register accounts on your website. Select this if users can post content onto your website. Select this of you have any links that go to websites other than your own. Select this if your site collects any payments, digital or physical. Select this if you offer subscriptions or trials on your website. This means you have the full authority to accept or decline refund requests. This means that all purchases are final and you will not accept any refunds. Select this if you already have a refund policy available on your website. You do not accept any liability for potential damages through your products or services. Liability will be limited at the cost of the product or service sold. This means you should never be liable for anything more than the amount the user paid for using a product or service. Limits liability at the full cost of a product or service, also offers opportunity for users to negotiate this before using said services. This provides fairness between business owners and users. When you modify these terms you will do so without notice or outlining the changes made. You will outline any changes to these terms, but may not provide prior notice to users. You will notify your users prior to any modifications to these terms, and outline all the changes made. This will display your phone number on your document for users to contact you or your business. This will display your address on your document, it is only recommended if you have a physical business address. This will display your email address on your document, it is recommended to do this if you have a support email dedicated to business matters.

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