1. Overview

Refunds and returns for all ezDoc purchases are allowable under the given terms of this document. Failure to comply with these terms will forfeit a purchaser’s right to request a refund. In this event that this policy is not followed in the request of a refund, ezDoc will have full discretion in determining whether the request will be granted or not.

2. Subscription Services and Cancellations

Cancellation of any subscription services can be requested at any time. During any free trial period no charges will be made as long as the cancellation is requested before the trial end date.

Users whom request a cancellation after any billing cycle can only request a refund for the most recent cycle.

3. Reasons for Requests

ezDoc will acknowledge the following requests and grant refunds only if the request is deemed valid. The validity of a request will be reviewed under the discretion of ezDoc and we reserve the complete irrevocable right to determine validity of requests. The following valid requests will be refunded.

4. Issue with products

In the event there is an issue with a product a purchaser has the right to request a refund given they outline the issue. Please note that ezDoc keeps copies of all of our digital products. Your request will be cross-referenced with our copy in order to determine validity of this request.

Software glitches. If there is a glitch with our service and the product is not delivered in its intended state the purchaser is allowed to request a refund.

Duplicated purchases. If a purchaser accidentally purchases two of the same document the purchaser may request a refund.

Fraudulent Use. If one of our products was purchased fraudulently the money will be refunded to the proper owner of said money.

Other. ezDoc will accept other requests, not outlined in this document, at its own discretion. 

5. Restrictions

The following restrictions are in place for all refund requests.

Time: Refunds must be requested within 30 days of the purchase. This does not apply to subscriptions.

Product Use: The product must not currently be used by the purchaser.

6. Request Reviews

All the requests will be reviewed within 48 hours and a decision will be sent back to the requestors’ contact. All decisions made by ezDoc are final and duplicate requests for the same product will not be reviewed. If the initial request, not duplicated, request is not reviewed and answered within this 48 hours ezDoc will refund the request.

7. Request Totals

All refunded requests will be in the amount totaling the purchase price minus any processing or tax fees. ezDoc does not fulfill partial requests or refunds nor does it refund any currency other than USD (United States Dollar).