Data Privacy in 2020

One of the biggest trends related to the internet in the past few years has been data privacy. And with the surge in new laws regarding the topic, the tend will only continue. Here we will take a broad look at data privacy in 2020. Laws In niche fields such as health and law there […]

Cookies and Data Privacy

Many people have heard the term “Internet Cookie” or “Http Cookie” before but not many really know what they are. This article will explain what cookies are and their relationship to data privacy. What a Cookie Is Not A common misconception is that a cookie is harmful – much like a virus. However, this is […]

GDPR Data Controllers and Processors

One of the key features of the GDPR is it’s “Data Controllers and Processors” – which plays a key role in compliance under the new EU law. In short the Data Controllers and Processors are individuals/entities in an organization with the responsibility of ensuring consumer data is handled and used in accordance to the law. […]