How To Write a Terms Document

Creating a terms document can be very confusing for somebody without any legal expertise. However writing your own terms document can be simple and easy taking the following steps: Make It Simple Often times many people will think in order to have effective terms they need all these clauses for every imaginable scenario. This however […]

What Makes a Legally Binding Terms Agreement?

Implementing a terms of service on your website is always a good start in the right direction. However many fail to realize just having a terms agreement doesn’t mean anyone actually agreed to it. Forming The Agreement There are many ways to properly form an agreement between a website and end user. There are also […]

What Makes a Solid Terms Agreement?

If you are building or planning to build a website – it is a good idea to implement a Terms of Service. What is a Terms of Service? A terms of service, terms and conditions, terms of use, etc; are all agreement policies between users and the website. These agreements, if implemented properly, are legally […]

Policy Modifications

Let’s face it, at some point your policies are going to change. How you handle those changes however is very important to maintain good standing with your users – and avoiding legal troubles. Furthermore, you may already have a policy modification clause in your terms similar to Google’s or ezDoc’s terms of service. This means […]

Do I Need a Terms of Service?

A very common question for many creating building their websites is “do I need a terms of service?”. The short answer in some cases is simply – no. In a legal sense there is no law that requires a website to have a terms of service (privacy policies on the other hand do have legal […]

Adding Your Terms To Your Website

Now that you have your ezDoc terms made and ready to go it is now time to add them to your website! There are a couple simple ways to do this for any website, they are as follows: 1) Copying the Text of the Document Into a New Page for Your Website To do this […]