1. Terms

Welcome to the ezDoc Terms of Service. Our products and services (“Services”) are bound to the rules of this document and must be agreed to in order to use this “site” (https://ezdoc.io and all of its pages) and our Services offered.

2. Disclaimer

ezDoc does not claim to be an official legal consultation entity, law firm, lawyer(s), nor do we claim use of our Services should be substituted by official legal advice/consultation.

To ensure proper use of our Services we recommend reading over and reviewing any product purchased through us. We encourage modifying the document as needed before put into production – refer to our license for more information.

By agreeing to these Terms you understand that ezDoc should not be considered professional legal support and can not to be held liable for any legal/financial repercussions you or your business may face as a result of using our services or products.

3. License

Paid License

All document’s purchased through our site are the property of the purchaser with the stipulations as listed in this license.

This license allows the purchaser to do the following:

  1. Use the document “as is” on the website described in the document produced by ezDoc’s software.
  2. Modify the document as needed to fit the user’s specific needs not produced in the original document.
  3. Update wording, business names, etc as the business evolves, changes names, or modifies its policies.
  4. Purchasers are allowed to resell documents if the rest of the license is adhered to.
  5. The document may be copied and hosted on the purchaser’s site.

This license does not allow for the following:

  1. Resale of the same document to multiple entities with modified wording, names, etc.
  2. Reuse the same document throughout multiple websites with modified wording.
  3. Purposefully modifying the document in a detrimental way.

Free License

The free license is a partial version of the paid license as described above. This version of the license allows and disallows the same criteria as the paid version except:

  1. There will be no modifiable document provided, therefor disallowing modifications to be made by the user. This can be overridden by ezDoc if arrangements are made.
  2. No resale of allowed under the free license.
  3. No removal of any watermarks or ezDoc branding on free documents.
  4. The document must be hosted under this site.

4. Document Hosting

Both our free and paid versions will host the document on a sub directory of this “site”. This means all documents intended for public viewing will be available for anyone to view. At any time a user may request that their document be deleted.

For paying users who request their document be deleted will only be eligible for refunds under our refund policy.

5. Accuracy of Material

ezDoc makes no guarantees of the accuracy of any material on our site. Information on our site should not be considered legal advice.

Decisions made from the information available on our site should be made at the users discretion and with the understanding that ezDoc is not liable for the outcomes of these decisions.

6. Refunds

We accept various refund requests at ezDoc. In order to request a refund for one of our purchasable Services please refer to our refund policy.

7. Privacy and Data Protection

Your privacy is important to us at ezDoc, please read our privacy policy to see how we protect and use your data.

8. Modifications

This document is always subject to changes as they become relevant. In the event that any changes are made to this document we will take the following steps to ensure our users are aware of any differences from the terms they originally agreed to.

First, we will notify all customers and users on our marketing lists of these changes. In the event that a user unsubscribes from one of these lists, ezDoc does not guarantee any other form of notification.

Second, we will outline the most recent changes to the document at the bottom of the page with the date the change is active.

9. Limitations of Liability

As stated in our disclaimer – ezDoc does not claim to be a law firm, legal experts, or legal consultants. Use of our documents should always be done with the proper care needed.

ezDoc will not be held liable for any legal action, law suites, criminal charges taken against you the user/purchaser as a result of using our products or services. In the event that a user does face any legal action as a direct result of using our services a full refund of the cost of the service will be issued.

We also offer a one time option to negotiate liability only before our service or product is put into production. To exercise this option please contact us through the following outlets.

Our contact page


Our business email: support@ezdoc.io

10. Governing Law

ezDoc is under the jurisdiction of the state of South Dakota and will adhere to its laws and courts. In the event that any legal matter is brought up, it should be handled in South Dakota’s courts.

Updated 30 June 2020

  • Added free and paid licensing to section 3
  • Added document hosting section 4