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1. Terms

By accessing the website at https://nickfeyfitness.com, you are agreeing to the “Terms of Service”, “Terms”, all applicable laws and regulations, and agree that you are responsible for compliance with any applicable local laws. Failure to comply these “Terms” or any disagreement with them will mean that to access some or all of the services NickFeyFitness offers will be restricted, or prevented entirely.

2. Use License

Use of NickFeyFitness’s “Site” at https://nickfeyfitness.com or any other services offered are subject to this license. Under this license listed in our “Terms” you agree you will not:

  1. Copy any of the content within the “Site” and redistribute for commercial use.
  2. Remove any copyright, watermark, or proprietary symbols/markings from anywhere within the “Site”, emails, or any other digital or physical content offered by NickFeyFitness.
  3. Replicate or imitate our “Site” and any of its content or services outlined in our “Terms”.

Appropriate use of this license (upon agreeing on these “Terms”) allows for:

  1. Viewing this “Site” and its contents and using any of the services offered in a manner that adheres to terms outlined throughout this document.
  2. Offering fair, accurate, and reasonable criticisms.
  3. Referencing or sharing material/content where credit is appropriately given to its source.

Failure to follow this use license will immediately forfeit your right to access and use this site and any of the “Services” offered. NickFeyFitness reserves the right to revoke this license at any time for reason’s not listed above.

3. Accuracy Of Materials

None of the material or content offered on NickFeyFitness’s website is guaranteed to be accurate, free of errors, or up to date. NickFeyFitness does not make any guarantees to update or remove outdated content or material. In the event NickFeyFitness does update content or material, it can be done at any time without notice. 

4. Modifcations

NickFeyFitness reserves the right to modify the “Terms”, “Terms of Service”, “Terms and Conditions” at any time without notice to any users. Nor will NickFeyFitness outline any of the changes made to these “Terms”.

5. Limitations Of Liability

Under no circumstance should NickFeyFitness or any NickFeyFitness affiliate be liable for any damages due to use or lack of access to NickFeyFitness related services, content, products. These damages include any capital losses, loss of data, or interruption of business. All products, content, or services are distributed or sold on an “as-is” basis. NickFeyFitness is not responsible for improper use of a product or service and has no obligation to correct any errors, damages, or improper use of said product or service.

Depending on your jurisdiction you may not be subject to these limitations. Please contact NickFeyFitness if you have questions regarding limitations of liability.

6. User Accounts

Any user accounts created as a part of NickFeyFitness’s services are subject to these terms. In the event that a user breaches these terms or any rules outlined on https://nickfeyfitness.com, NickFeyFitness has the full authority to remove a user from the site and restrict access to some or all of the services offered. NickFeyFitness will review misconduct of these terms and take action with or without notice to the user.

7. Payments

NickFeyFitness accepts payments in exchange for products or access to content and or services. Any payment charges for products or services will result in no delivery if the charge fails. In the event that a user mistakenly purchases a product they did not want or a the wrong product the user must contact NickFeyFitness through the appropriate refund request medium. The request will be reviewed at and rejected or accepted at the complete discretion of NickFeyFitness.

All payments may also be subject to local or state taxes or processing and handling fees. These additional fees will be present in your purchase total.

8. Refunds And Returns

All requests for refunds or returns will be reviewed by NickFeyFitness and accepted or rejected at the discretion of the company. In all refund or return requests the user must state the following if applicable:

  1. The reason for the refund or return request
  2. Any issues with the product or service that was purchased

In the event that an item or service is refunded but cannot be returned (such as a digital product) the user forfeits their right to continue using the product or service immediately.

9. Governing Law

These terms and services are governed by and construed in accordance with the both the local and national laws of Iowa and you irrevocably submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of its courts.